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W.P. in Lewisville: We are very pleased with the drapes.  Now we can use our patio without the bloodsuckers eating us!  We will definitely recommend them to anyone.

S.B in North Dallas:  The screens for our patio are the best thing we have used to cut down on the mosquitos. We now can sit out during the worst of mosquito season without being run out of our patio...........  

...They slide easily and don't obstruct our view of the pool. Our dog can push through the opening and they close back in place with a magnetic strip. We can't live without them! Thank you Bug Free Patios!!! 

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 more coming...

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Compare bug drapes to misting systems and motorized shades

Motorized and Roll down Shades

Provides shade
Stops mosquitoes if fully lowered
Claims to retain heat in winter (questionable!) 

Limits breezes
Darkens the house interior
Hard to install as a retrofit
Maintenance required
Mosquitoes are trapped inside when raised to exit
"open" duration is too long, more bugs enter

Need up/down switches inside and outside

No way to walk through it
Not very transparent 

Misting Systems


Sprays whole yard, not just patio 

Cost, installation and supplies
Intense chemical use
Maintenance/filling required
Does not prevent mosquitoes arriving from neighbors
Bugs not 100% eliminated from patio
Washes off twice a week by irrigation systems
Kills all bugs, including many beneficial bugs

BugFreePatios bug drapes

Effective mosquito protection
Lower cost
98% visibility
85% of available air flow
Chemical free
No gadgets to maintain
Removable & washable
Solution dyed for fade resistance
Rugged construction
Magnetized sealed doorways
Pets can push through doorways
Outstanding quality
Elegant in winter –tied back