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Enjoy your patio!

Mosquito Drapes were developed as an elegant, yet inexpensive, alternative to permanent patio screening for insect protection. The curtains complement porches with unique architectural designs while enabling users to seasonally enjoy a good old-fashioned “open porch/patio.” Sadly, a charming patio will often remain vacant during mosquito season as homeowners are reluctant to spend thousands of dollars to ruin a porch/patio with what is considered to be the eyesore of permanent screening.  


Forget West Nile virus, the Chikungunya virus and the Zika virus!

Protect your family from biting insects
Chemical free and no gadgets to maintain
Not banned by most Home Owner Association restrictions
No ugly framing
Entertain friends or dine outdoors
Flexibility, elegance & peace of mind
Pest protection with class!

Custom-made for porches, patios, garages and more
About 1/2 cost of permanent screening
Removable & washable
Solution dyed for fade resistance
Outstanding quality
Magnetized sealed doorways that pets can push through


And for the technical......

The drapes are custom-made to fit most porch/patio configurations with seamless mosquito mesh. The durable, heat-cured polyester mesh is easy to care for. Drapes can be hosed down. Black is most popular as it is almost invisible.  The standard black mesh, at 230 holes/sq inch, allows 98% visibility with 85% air flow.  Also available are Shade drapes, blocking 80% of sunlight (& mosquitoes, too!).

Mosquito drapes may be drawn back, held with tie-backs when beyond the bug season, providing a decorative look.  And when closed for protection, they are virtually invisible from within (see photo on home page, bottom left).

more happy customers

"We love the drapes; had such a nice time with our family sitting outside.  The kids bought Grandpa a great reclining chair for the patio for his birthday.  Thank you for your hard work." 

M.T. in North Dallas

A.C. from University Park says "I am absolutely loving the screens (drapes)"

"I was quoted $12-15,000 to screen in my complicated patio, and these guys did it for about a third of that" 

M.I. in Frisco